10.2 inch roof mount monitor usb sd dvd player ceiling flip down screen tm-1020

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10.2-inch roof mount monitor / DVD / USB player Dual Video Input TFT LCD Panel Roof Mount Ceiling Screen TM-1020 flip Down

10.2 roof mount monitor

Price on Function

3 Model on different functions

TM-1020 10.2-inch monitor USD36
MP5-1020 10.2-inch monitor + USB SD Player: USD47
DVD-1020 10.2 inch monitor + USB SD + DVD Player USD73

10.2 roof mount dvd player


1.10.2 inch roof mount monitor/USB/SD/DVD Player
2.Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
3.Open/Close to protect the screen
4.Resolution: 800(H) ×3(RGB) ×480(W)
5.High resolution, Low reflection
6.Video: Two-way video input
7.System: PAL/NTSC auto selectable

  1. With OSD menu, Multilingual supported

  2. Built-in Dome LED Light

10.Full function with remote control and key strobe
11.Power supply: DC 12V
12.Consumption: 10W
13.Operating temperature: -10C~+60C
14.Dimension: 320(W) mmX200(H) mmX32(L) mm
15.Weight: 1.4Kg
16.Available colors: Gray, Beige, Black