car infrared ir transmitter receiver dual channel wireless T20 T-20 T40 for IR headphone



car infrared IR transmitter receiver dual channel wireless T20 T-20 T40 for IR headphone

car infrared ir transmitter receiver dual channel wireless
car infrared IR transmitter receiver dual channel wireless

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Wireless IR transmitter dual channel
car infrared IR transmitter receiver dual channel wireless


Wireless IR transmitter can be widely applied to TV, MP3 player, DVD CD player, satellite / AM FM radio or another audio device with a stereo 3.5mm audio output. This system uses special 850nm infrared wavelength, It can transmit audio signal wirelessly, together with our wireless infrared headphones, treat yourself to an amazing listening experience.

  • Dual IR stereo transmitter
  • IR Transmitter with Dual RCA Stereo Inputs
  • Dual Source 2 Channel Output Signal
  • Stereo IR 2.3/2.8MHz A Channel 1
  • Stereo IR 3.3/3.8MHz B Channel 2

Key Instruction

Wireless IR Transmitter
SW: Power ON/OFF
Input 1: RCA red and white audio input cable; CHA audio input; 12V DC input
Input 2: RCA red and white audio input cable; CHB audio input;
Power Input: Red and black power supply, Red: 12V input, Black, GND



Infrared light 850nm

Audio Mode

Stereo (Right / Left Audio)

Carrier Frequency

a) A Channel: Left: 2.3Mhz  Right: 2.8Mhz

b) B Channel: Left: 3.2Mhz  Right: 3.8Mhz

Effective range


Power supply


Work current


 Modulation frequency deviation

 60KHZ (Input1.7Vp-p)

Working Voltage: 12V
Working Current: Typically value 65mA  (Dual channel 130mA)
Working Frequency:

  1. Channel A Left: 2.3MHZ, Channel A Right: 2.8MHZ
  2. Channel B Left: 3.2MHZ, Channel B Right: 3.8MHZ

Modulation frequency deviation: 60KHZ (Input 1.7Vp-p)

Connection and Use

  1. Connect red line with positive pole 12V power source, another black line connect with negative pole (GND)
  2. Connect audio source with transmitter’s RCA (red and white) channel A or Channel B audio input
  3. Turn on SW to “ON”, the transmitter will power on, connect the audio source with the transmitter, you can choose Channel A or channel B, use dual channel infrared headphone which you can switch to CHA or CHB, then you can enjoy high-fidelity sound music.


  1. Transmitter without a reaction when turn on SW button, kindly check if power cable with a good connection, If poles of power are connected correctly
  2. When turning on headphones, there is no music, Kindly check if the transmitter is turned on, and if audio cable connect correctly, If music is playing, or SW button is turned to the corresponding position with headphone channel



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Working better for below Wireless IR headphone

WL-2008  VCAN0239
Weight 0.3 kg