COFDM wireless transmitter

cofdm wireless transmission



 无线图传 无线高清传输  无线高清图传
 图传设备  图传系统  图传工厂
 无线图像传输 COFDM图传系统  无线图传发射器 
 无线图传接收器  HDMI图传  无人飞机图传
 深圳图传   无图传发射器  航模图传

基于Toshiba TC358743XBG无人机航拍高清传输系统

高清视频无线传输系统,采用业内最新的视频编解码技术、COFDM无线调制技术研发而成,具有重量轻、体积小、传输距离远等特点,是专为无人机提供的超视距全高清数字图传方案。现已经开发出发射端,HDMI输出接收端, 接收端带WIFI转发到手机平板,安卓手机平板USB接收端等系列图传产品,给客户提供高清、长距、低延时的实时图传享受。


system block diagram-tx solution


system block diagram-rx solution


★ 支持HDMI高清视频输入,能够兼容Gopro等主流DV
★ 采用COFDM多载波调试技术,具有极强的无线抗干扰能力,支持高速移动
★ H.264数字编解码技术,分辨率可支持1080P/30fps
★ 发射机射频输出功率可调,传输距离可远至3KM
★ 提供基于Android的App软件,可在手机或平板上实时显示航拍视频
★ 支持多路终端同时接收
★ 体积小、重量轻、功耗低、低延迟


○独创Dynamic Code Generation技术及并行化的Multi-core Parallel
○Processing技术, 低延迟












WV-7012HD 7 inch handheld COFDM wireless receiver portable

Six main functions in one set:

1. 7″ HD digital monitor, 800 x 480, digital TV signal, digital display

2. Handheld COFDM MPEG2-4 portable receiver, support h.264 High Definition
3. USB PVR function (Personal Video Recorder, digital video recorder)
4. AV / HDMI output, connect another big TV (Screen power off function)
5. Hi-capacity Rechargeable Li battery for anywhere TV in your hand. ( 3H at Max Power)
6. Touch screen, easy operation, friendly UI design, Bigger OSD


1. Portable HD COFDM digital wireless receiver, Support MPEG2/MPEG4 HE-ACC/H.264/AVC

2. 7 inch TFT LCD Digital Panel wide display (16: 9)
3. Touch screen, easy operation
4. Resolution: 800*480, true HD screen for MPEG4 HD TV signal
5. Built-in HD COFDM digital receiver.
6. HDMI Output
7. EPG function (Electronic Program Guide)
8. PVR function, record TV anytime
9. Hi-capacity battery for long playback time (over 3h at Max Power)
10. Multi Language Support English, Hebrew, Greek, Persian, Russian, Spainish, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Danish or do what you need.
11. USB Upgrade, support AVI, AVI-Xvid, AVI-Xvid4, AVI-Xvid5, PVR, MP3, JPG, BMP.
12. Auto searching and update bit rate information
13. Pre-store function for 1000pcs channels
14. Power Memory, EPG function, Remote control,

15. Support Teletext, new BIG OSD menu


1. DVB-T Input frequency: VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz
    UHF 474MHz – 858MHz
2. Modulate: QPSK/16 – QAM/64-QAM
3. Decode standard: MPEG1, HD MPEG2, SD MPEG2,
    MPEG4(H.264/AVC: [email protected],[email protected],VC-1:AP@L3,L2)
4. Audio decode standard: MPEG-1, and-2, layer 1 and 2,
    MPEG-4, HE-AAC

5. Power Supply: DC 5V 8W

WV-7012HD New Design portable COFDM AV receiver(with sweep-frequency function),has advantages of small size and lightweight.Support high speed mobile transmission and NLOS reception.Using 7 inch TFT high resolution touch control and display,and providing concise control experience and perfect image,while adding spectrum scan function that can quick to search the current area caused by the same frequency interference from surrounding equipments which can provide reference quick data for installation.The product widely used in secuirty,fire,broadcasting and TV,emergency communications and other industries.



Power supply: DC5V/1.0A (Built-in battery,support about 3 hours  continuously  working time);

Video output: CVBS interface; 3.5mm jack;HDMI output

Audio output:option: CVBS,3.5mm jack headphone;

Frequency:VHF 177.5MHz – 226.5MHz

UHF 474MHz – 858MHz step in 1MHz;



Decoding mode:H.264/MPEG-2

Sweep-frequency function:Built-in frequency sweep function options menu

Parameter control method:Easy to set up parameters via touch-screen by user

RF signal receiving interface: IEC type(50Ω)

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