COFDM Video Transmitter

Transmitter Pictures cofdm transmitter wireless video  
Price $406 $483 $1,365 $683
Unique Selling Point Smallest CVBS Input Quality best Recommended Popular
RF Frequency (optional) 1500Mhz 900Mhz
RF Frequency ( default) 839,832,846,853,
Pre-set at Factory:  170~900Mhz Operate at extra board
RF Power 200mw 1W 1W 1W
Delay 200 millisecond 200 millisecond 200 millisecond 200 millisecond
HDMI input Yes Yes Yes Yes
CVBS input No Yes No Yes
Air To Ground Distance (Line-Of-Sight, UAV, Drone) 3km 8km 15km 10km
Ground LOS Distance (Line-Of-Sight) 500m 800m 1km 1km
Ground NLOS Distance (Non-Line-of-Sight) 200m 500m 600m 600m
Video Compression Format  H.264 (MPEG2~4)  H.264 (MPEG2~4)  H.262 (MPEG2 only)  H.264 (MPEG2~4)
Power Voltage 5V 10~35V 12V 12V
Weight  0.105kg
Dimensions 52 * 40 * 14 100 * 43 * 10 mm 118 * 66 * 22 mm  80 * 58 * 24 mm
Transmitter Pictures  

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