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DVB-T2 TV Module H265 Germany 2 tuner Diversity MPEG4 High Speed

DVB-T2 TV Module H265

DVB-T2 TV module support 2 Tuner Diversity
Tested in Germany
Support MPEG4 and HDMI
Touch screen control function RX TX IR ready
DVB-T265 TV Tuner Module is an Digital TV module with DVB-T2 decoder support H.264 and H.265 and mount on main DVD or Head unit PCBA.
It offers DVB-T2 digital TV audio video / HD TV signal and turns your DVD player has DVB-T2 TV function.
It is fully compatible with Germany New Standard H.265 digital TV standard and all DVB-T2 or DVB-T adopted countries. Even it is H.264 or MEPG2~4.
It also can be used as COFDM Wireless Video receiver RX for Drone.

DVB-T2 TV module H265
DVB-T2 TV module H265

DVB-T2 TV Module
DVB-T2 TV Module

DVB-T2 Car TV Module DVB-T265 TV Module
Need DVB-T2 TV Receiver box?
UART information

  •  –          Baud (115200)
  •  –          Databits ( 8 )
  •  –          Odd or even Parity ( no )
  •  –          1 x Startbit
  •  –          Stopbits (1)


UART Communication data ( download PDF file )

Downstream write operation frame:
Header code: 7E 66 99 5A
Synchronization: 55
Write operation frame: 33

  1. Write frequency and bandwidth command 03 80, the data length is 3 bytes. The first two bytes are the frequency points, and the 3rd bytes is the bandwidth.
    The frequency unit is MHz and retains one decimal place, such as 474.0 MHz, which is 12 84 (hexadecimal, decimal data is 4740). Bandwidth data 00, 01, 02 represent 6M, 7M, 8M respectively
  2. Other remote control commands (including all remote control commands such as volume addition, subtraction, recording, and stop)
    01FF: The data length is 1 byte, which is the client code of the remote control code value.
    For example, the volume add (VOL+) is 4D, and the volume subtraction (VOL-) is 05.

Ending E7
For example:
1. Set frequency 666MHz bandwidth 6M
Need to send data 7E 66 99 5A 55 33 03 80 1A 04 00 E7
2 set frequency 474MHz bandwidth 8M
Need to send data 7E 66 99 5A 55 33 03 80 12 84 02 E7
3 volume plus
Need to send data 7E 66 99 5A 55 33 01 FF 4D E7
1, In addition to the data segment can be modified, the other head and tail synchronization data do not modify, Otherwise it can not respond to commands. Correct response will return data segment 00 FF, error will return 11 10
2, modify the frequency and bandwidth, please write three bytes at the same time, the separation has not been tested.
3, Please refer to the remote control user code for remote control code.
4, The above data are all hexadecimal.
Downstream read operation frame:
Currently only tested read frequency and bandwidth
Send the command 7E 66 99 5A 55 11 03 80 E7
Return data 7E 66 99 5A 55 77 03 80 12 D4 02 E7 (red is frequency point and bandwidth 482.0M 8M)
Remote Control Code
Remote Control Code