Fire rescue emergency communication system solution

With the development of communication technology, the fire emergency rescue work is also combined, among which, the wireless ad hoc network technology plays an important role in the fire emergency rescue work.

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      Hanhwa Hi-Tech-hanhgk portable digital dual-band wireless ad hoc network equipment is a special self-organizing, peer-to-peer, multi-hop wireless mobile network equipment. , no control center, strong anti-destruction and other characteristics. Flexible network deployment can be carried out according to the on-site environment to achieve chain, tree, star, and mesh signal coverage. In emergencies or emergencies, a wireless communication network can be quickly set up to provide communication guarantees during emergencies. Its military-quality process design contains rich functions, flexible network deployment, support for vehicle deployment and individual soldier deployment, and can achieve a wide range of signal coverage. Solutions for fire rescue, anti-terrorism emergency, major security and other application scenarios.

       Urban comprehensive fire emergency scene:

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       When dealing with fire rescue emergencies and disasters, Hanhua Hi-Tech-hanhgk portable digital dual-frequency wireless ad hoc network equipment cooperates with the on-site emergency ad hoc network communication system to meet the voice and data communication network of the rear base finger, front finger, and individual troops. need. The ad hoc network equipment can achieve cross-floor voice coverage in places such as subways and basements. When the basement environment is complex, links can be provided through multi-level and multi-hop ad hoc network nodes to provide voice coverage for the area. The fire communication command vehicle can be equipped with an emergency comprehensive command platform, which can be connected to any node of the on-site emergency self-organized network. It can be connected to the rear command center through various available links such as wired, public network, and satellite, and the on-site emergency network can be connected to the rear command center. The center is connected to realize the command and dispatch of the front and rear cubes.

       Forest defense emergency scene:

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       Due to the geographical characteristics of forest areas, it is extremely difficult to deploy wired networks. Wireless communication is widely used in forest fire prevention due to its flexible configuration, fast construction, reliable performance and low cost. The fast networking and no regional restrictions of the equipment can effectively solve the problem of on-site communication, realize the mobile extension of the network, and meet the temporary networking needs of customers on site.

       Rapid deployment

       Henhua high digital portable wireless ad hoc network equipment can automatically form a network with one key, and can deploy a wireless communication command system in a short time. It ensures the rapid establishment of communication networks in emergency situations, and its flexible networking mode can meet the needs of different application scenarios.

       Hanhgk-MESH ad hoc network arming control and defense system is a centerless broadband wireless ad hoc network technology, which is easy to use, free of on-site maintenance, and can be automatically networked when powered on. It has IP network compatibility and provides standard IP interfaces to quickly connect various IP devices. Set up on demand, quickly build on-site communication network. Effective in urban environments, it provides redundant and reliable real-time audio and video communication guarantees; in outdoor environments, it provides long-distance and large-scale communication capabilities.

Hanhgk-MESH ad hoc network deployment control and defense system This system adopts the MESH ad hoc network COFDM technology system, which has the characteristics of strong diffraction ability, long non-line-of-sight transmission distance, clear and smooth images, and mainly solves mobile wireless real-time video transmission. Its typical application Including real-time video transmission of emergency communication command, live interview and live broadcast, fire and disaster relief emergency command and other systems, the system features are mainly reflected in non-line-of-sight (NLOS) mobile (Mobile) wireless (Wireless) real-time video (Real-time video) transmission (Real-time video) transmission, among which :

1. Non-line-of-sight (NLOS): It has powerful non-line-of-sight transmission and diffraction functions: supports 2-10 kilometers of transmission between vehicles in urban areas; supports 5-15 kilometers between building roofs and vehicles/personnel Transmission on the move. Traditional digital microwave can only provide point-to-point line-of-sight communication, and cannot achieve non-line-of-sight communication.

2. Mobile: Support high-speed mobile transmission; support 300 km/h high-speed mobile transmission. Traditional analog TV transmission cannot achieve mobile transmission.

3. Wireless (Wireless): Use wireless transmission, which is the premise of realizing mobile, and has the advantages of simple reception and no need to lay cables.

4. Real-time video: Provides broadcast-level high-definition image quality, the image resolution reaches high-definition video quality, and has near real-time end-to-end image transmission. The transfer data rate is high, a speed that cannot be provided by existing GSM and future 3G networks.

      This system has the following features:

l Strong anti-interference ability, non-vision wireless transmission performance

When the receiving level is -103dBm, the bit error rate can still be guaranteed to be less than 10E-6;

l High definition image quality

In the COFDM ad-hoc network technology, each sub-carrier can choose high-speed modulation such as QPSK, 16QAM, and 64QAM, and the synthesized channel rate is generally greater than 80M bps. Therefore, high-quality codecs such as 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 in MPEG2 can be transmitted, and the back-end transmission image resolution can reach 1920×720 or 1920×1080, which can meet the requirements of post-analysis, storage, editing, etc.;

Hanhgk ad hoc network series MESH transmission equipment adopts 128-bit AES digital encryption technology, wireless broadband multi-carrier encryption and scrambling technology to realize full digital signal processing, and uses large-capacity FPGA design to improve system integration, which ensures the entire The confidentiality, stability and reliability of the system ensure that customers transmit information over the air;

l Realize high and low frequency bandwidth adaptive (40/20M/10M/5M/2.5M) transmission, improve frequency efficiency and system sensitivity.

       The Hanhgk-MESH ad hoc network arming and defense system can provide 80Mbps bandwidth. For devices with 8M bandwidth commonly used in the market, it can save wireless frequency resources dozens of times and improve the efficiency of frequency resources; the advantages of this function It is reflected in the selection of a favorable transmission bandwidth according to the wireless environment of the user’s location and the size of the transmitted image and data by the user, which not only ensures the high quality of the transmitted image, but also effectively utilizes and saves the existing frequency resources. Bandwidth requirements when using at the same time, improve the sensitivity of equipment and systems;

l Frequency adjustable

        The frequency adjustable function of Hanhgk series emergency wireless digital transmission equipment can effectively avoid co-channel interference within a certain range, and enhance the reliability of equipment use;

l Power adjustable

       Emergency wireless digital transmission equipment adopts humanized design and has a variety of power adjustable functions;

l A variety of equipment types, easy to install and operate, to meet different transmission needs

       Hanhgk-MESH ad hoc network series is the emergency wireless digital transmission equipment of Beijing Hanhua Hi-Tech Technology Co., Ltd. It provides a variety of equipment such as individual backpack, vehicle (ship), aircraft (helicopter, UAV) and concealed. Type, individual soldier and concealed equipment are small in size, light in weight, beautiful in appearance and practical, easy to install and operate, flexible and convenient to carry, adopt fully sealed structure, good waterproof and dustproof performance, suitable for use in harsh environments; vehicle and airborne equipment functions Powerful, wide coverage, extremely high receiving sensitivity of -103dBm, to meet the flexible, mobile, convenient and fast application requirements of police and other special agencies;

l Provide users with customization of various special needs to ensure more convenient and smooth upgrading of equipment and systems

      Hanhgk series emergency wireless digital transmission equipment is independently developed by Beijing Hanhua Hi-Tech Technology Co., Ltd. It can meet the customization of different special needs of various users, and can greatly reduce the later maintenance and maintenance costs of user equipment, shorten the maintenance time, and truly guarantee The smooth upgrade and the scalability of the entire system in the future use process of customers.