FM transmitter with 16 selectable frequencies FM16 FM-16 FM stereo Modulator


FM transmitter

FM transmitter with 16 selectable frequencies FM stereo Modulator /Compact and light

Sixteen frequency bands that may be adjusted and does not effect the FM reception.
16 selectable frequencies:
87.7, 87.9, 88.9, 88.1, 88.2, 88.3, 88.4, 88.5, 88.6,88.7,88.8, 88.9, 89.0, 89.1, 89.2, 89.4
1)power consumption less than 0.4w
2)high reliability pll synthesized tuning system 
3)high isolation from non-essential frequencies 
4)compact and light – can be placed behind radio inside the dashboard
5)super simple to use
6)Unit complete with RCA leads and 12v DC leads
7)perfect for connecting up the audio of ps2, xbox, gps, disc stacker etc to your fm radio

FM transmitter
FM Audio Transmitter
FM Stereo modulator


Question: We ordered your fm Transmitter FM-16 last june 17.The quality of FM this lot is worse than last three order. Noise is very much,What should we do for this lot?

  1. Please change the frequency to test, it it has 16 frequencies to adjust. 
  2. Move the FM transmitter antenna, far away from some audio cable.
  3. Change your DVD player to test, sometime DVD player audio output is lower than normal level.

Stereo FM Transmitter
FM-16 mass produce


We also can customize special function for you. For example add cigarette power lighter and antenna.
FM transmitter FM Transmitter + Cigarette Lighter power + antenna

Weight 0.2 kg