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Germany DVB-T2 H265 4 Tuner 4 Diversity Antenna Auto mobile High Speed digital receiver

H265 hevc digital receiver

Selling Points

Germany New Standard H265;
DVB-T2 Digital TV receiver box;
Four Tuners;
Four active Diversity Antenna;
High speed;

H265 hevc digital receiver


1. Support H.264/AVC, H.265/HEVC,MPEG2~MPEG4 Video Decode;
2. Available to upgrade the firmware via USB slot;
3. USB Recorder, PVR;
4. Standard for DVB-T2;
5. 4 Tuner 4 Antenna DVB-T2 digital TV receiver
6. Auto searching and updating bit rate information;
7. Memory function after power off;
8. Support OSD TELETEXT;
9. EPG program guide and PIG(Picture in Graphics )Function;
10. 6MHz, 7MHz, 8MHz Band-wide;
11. HDMI output (One route);
12. Support IR output and extended remote sensor receiver;

Packing details

Product Name: DVB-T26540
Size per carton: 64*45*26(cm)
Single weight: 1.2 (kgs)
Quantity per carton: 20 (pcs)
Weight per carton: 21.7(kgs)
Single size: 25*22*8(cm)

h265 hevc digital receiver h265 hevc digital receiver