Car DVB-T2 H265 H.265 HEVC TV receiver box

 H.265 HEVC receiver box

 H.265 HEVC


Car DVB-T2 H265 H.265 HEVC TV receiver box



Selling Points:

Car DVB-T2 H265 TV receiver box;

Japan tuner, designed for car

Support DVB-T / DVB-T2 both;

Two active antenna 25db;

Design for HEVC, H265, 4K Germany / Europe


   -Supports Main Profile,High Tier @Level
     4.1 up to 1080p@60fps
   -Supports 8-/10-bit color depth
   -Supports max.bitrate of 50 Mbps
Supports error concealment feature for
   erroneous video streams
Supports frame rate conversion between 

different encoding and display frame rates

1. Very important is that the module really provides full H.265 Multi-PLP decoding capabilities.Only this is going to work in Germany since the old standard with H.264 will be discontinued in Germany from March 2017.

DVB-T265 support H265, also support H264, that means you can get TV now and future.

  1. I need same DVBT2 with CI slot for pay tv please.

DVB-T265 has no CI slot now. We will add CI slot if market requirement increase at future.

Car DVB-T2 H265 H.265 HEVC TV receiver box


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