Mesh ad hoc emergency command box

Mesh ad hoc 紧急命令箱


Mesh ad hoc紧急命令框.jpg
Mesh ad hoc紧急命令框.jpg

The ad hoc front box terminal is a large-scale unified dispatching and management system that solves the problem from node to command box, from command box to center and across area a and area B or area C;; It has the characteristics of video and audio data acquisition, no center and ad hoc network Support any network topology such as point to multipoint, chain, mesh, hybrid, etc; Meet the free networking of hanhgk series products in different forms, with the characteristics of automatic route selection, self-organization, self-healing, and automatic realization of multi topology working forms; Meet the needs of high bandwidth and self – built network for special applications Reduce the difficulty of networking in field training and external military environments, and improve the efficiency of small-scale temporary networking, control and defense deployment in military camps, drills, and emergency relief It has the function of small forefinger command post: it can meet the communication scheduling management of all nodes in the field area. At the same time, 5g and Tiantong satellite aggregation gateway are embedded to provide real-time cross regional and cross regional communication functions of self built networks;


The system is widely used in: military communication, anti-terrorism, police law enforcement, security activities, emergency rescue, fire command, forest fire prevention, forest monitoring, civil air defense / earthquake, power patrol, digital oil field, UAV group, fleet intercommunication, ship formation, marine communication, airport ground handling, subway emergency, highway construction, hydrological monitoring, mobile broadcasting, medical and other forefinger command fields




Flexible networking – rapid deployment


No center, self-organized network, flexible and configurable carrier bandwidth; It has the characteristics of automatic route selection, self-organization and self-healing, and automatically realizes the multi topology working form. It supports any network topology such as point-to-multipoint, chain, mesh, hybrid, etc;


core technology


Hanhgk-h.265 + dynamic compression coding technology, based on OFDM technology and mesh multi hop ad hoc network technology, 1.2mbps transmission of 25 frames / s1080 high-definition images;


Structural advantages


It adopts the appearance of military IP67 dust-proof, waterproof and shockproof box, polypropylene composite material, can be used immediately after opening the cover, embedded with 15.6-inch high brightness display, supports stable transmission of high data bandwidth at a speed of 300 per hour, multi service expansion, flexible networking and rapid deployment;


Networking bearer


Throughput supports 70mbps, relay capacity of 9 hops, ad hoc access scale of 64 grid nodes, and communication in motion working mode;


Cross area gateway access


5g / 4G multi card aggregation gateway and Tiantong satellite access module are optional; Based on OFDM technology and mesh multi hop ad hoc network technology, hanhgk-5g multi card encryption binding aggregation technology; Meet the application of ad hoc network in large-scale and multi emergency scenarios in this region, across regions and across cities;




All IP design, built-in WiFi, GPS / BeiDou positioning support serial port transparent transmission function, provide web control interface, support comprehensive functions including video viewing, voice intercom and map information display; Reserve 5g / 4G multi card aggregation gateway and Tiantong satellite access module;


Encryption mode


Provide tunnel encryption and encryption methods des56 / aes128 / aes256 (optional), reserve military and police encryption machine channels;


Customization function


Support customized development of equipment frequency, customizable transmission power of 2w-10w, signal input support HDMI, SDI, ahd, AV, VGA, network interface, etc., customizable working band of 200mhz-2.5ghz, and adjustable signal bandwidth of 5 / 10 / 20 / 40MHz.