MINI Wireless 3D Air Mouse



MINI Wireless 3D Air Mouse

VCAN0705 MINI Wireless 3D Air Mouse

VCAN0705 MINI Wireless 3D Air Mouse
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1. Transport: 2.4 G wireless frequency hopping technology
2. Range: 10 meters
3. The function of remote control: Android keys
4. The mouse function: gyro sensor
5. Battery: the lithium battery
6. Standby time: 6 months
7. Use time: 30 hours
8. Receivers: 2.0 mini USB receiver
9. System requirements: Windows, Mac OS, Android, Linux
Selling Points:

1.The android system buttons;
2. The air mouse, reversible;
3. support the body sensor game;
4.One-way voice;
5.direction key On Front Side,Keyboard On Back Side;
1)Pairing and connection
Press mouse left and right key meanwhile for 3S,LED 1 will flashing quickly,close to usb receiver,LED1 stop flashing,pairing succeeds.
2)Button Function Description
press power key for 2S will power off host.
3)LED1 status Indicators
Led1 will stay on if button is pushed.
4)Mouse sensitivity
press left and right key on the navigation panel for 3S,the sensitivity will change.
5)Power supply and Charging
LI-battery power supply,LED1 LED2 is keeping flashing if low battery,it is charging via Micro usb.
This operation is not need to operate in normal work.If the cursor is always drifting.Then place it on a stable plane,press mouse left and enter key meanwhile for 3S,LED1 will flashing quickly,release the key,LED1 will stay on,then press the IE key,LED1is off,after seconds LED1 stay on calibration is succeed.
7)Sleep mode
The 3D Mouse will enter into sleep mode if it hasn’t been used for 30s,it is awaked by pressing any button.
1)LED2 is on if press key
2)There is 4I buttons on black side,26 letters and other buttons
3)Shift:default is input characters on left corner.LED2 will be on if users press this button.Then is input characters on right corner.
4)Capslock:switch between uppercase and lowercase.
5)Ctrl:switch to implement up down left right on navigation plane.
6)Back:delete a character ahead
7)Delete:delete a character at the back
8)Alt:input a red chacter