Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wirelss Mirror


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WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX

VCAN1244 Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX

VCAN1244 Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX

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VCAN1244 Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX
WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX

Universal 5.8G & 2.4G WIFI Wirelss MirrorLink BOX w/o Interference
►Product composition
① external antenna
② Red, yellow, white standard AV interface
③ 12V power supply (red positive, negative black)
④ HDMI cable
⑤ USB power cable
►Installation Method
Schematic diagram:

  • Switching the corresponding signal input on car display;
  • Use the picture  device above connected to the AV  port on the car display;
  • 12V power input device on the image above (positive red, black negative) to the rear of the car’s 12V power supply,Or directly access to the USB cable into the back behind the car’s USB port for the 5V power supply
  • After the installation is successful, the following figure appears on the monitor screen.
  • ►Mirror(IOS)
    IOS connection (Airplay Mirroring),take  iPhone5 IOS8 for example, look at the figure。
    First open the phone wifi settings – connected devices wireless signal; call up the Control Center to find and select the device checked Airplay mirroring, then mirroring successfully!
  • IOS Model description (mirror synchronization)
    iPhone:4s55c5s66 Plus…
    MAC:Apple’s official website to check prevail
    ►Miracast(For Android)
    Take the native Android system (Native Android 4.2 system) for example ; open the phone “Settings” – “Display” – “Wireless Display”, look at the following picture.
    • The above is a native Android system connection method,At present, mobile phone manufacturers name MIRACAST is different ,and the function location are also different. For example, the Samsung models are called Allshare cast, The screen image, Screen mirroring, and some are  named WLAN display;
    • After connect with the screen, there are not any conflict between  wifi Internet or mobile Internet.

    ►Connect the router
    By connecting the device to the router, IOS mirror can be connected to the same network mirror screen to cast
    The first method:
    1、Firstly let the phone’s wifi to connect with devices, and then open the web browser and enter the IP address in the address bar:, the phone screen appears in the following figure after the connection is successful, the phone will enter the second picture above.
    2、Open WIFI Connection item, the system will automatically scan the current environment, the wireless router diagram, select the corresponding wireless router and enter the password, click submit button and then point OK, the interface will automatically exit. Wait about 5 seconds the device can be connected to the router (AP name will be displayed on the connected TV).