VCAN1412 7inch new panel car digital lcd screen monitor with touch button full remote control

Car lcd monitor


*7 inch bright digital screen,touch button;
* 2 way video input,Slim seamless design;
* full-function remote control;
* Multi language menu;

Car lcd monitor


* Display size: 7 inch;
* Display format: 16: 9;
* Resolution: 800 x RGB x480 pixels
* Power supply: 12V (24V optional)
* With a new A-7-inch LCD digital screen;
* Two video input;
* Touch the button;
* With PAL / NTSC system;
* Support languages:English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian and so on.

Packing details

Product Name: VCAN1412
Size per carton: 52*36*24(cm)
Single weight: 0.8 (kgs)
Quantity per carton: 10(pcs)
Weight per carton: 9.5(kgs)
size: 24*18*11(cm)